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Committing a portion of his time to the initiative, an Atlanta-based entrepreneur is providing advice and motivation to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners in the local area and across the U.S.

An experienced executive and serial entrepreneur. Scott Damron has enjoyed a fruitful career in sales, business development, marketing strategy, the hospital and healthcare sectors. A long-standing member of both the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and the Young Presidents’ Organization, Scott believes in giving something back. Especially to the next generation of business leaders.

“If I can help others by sharing my experiences and successes, I absolutely will,” suggests Damron, who has served as a C-level executive within numerous successful national and international organizations, further to financing and founding his own highly successful endeavors.

Current Endeavors

While he has since sold his interest in the privately-held, Atlanta-based business, Scott Damron is now focused on a number of new ventures including Victory Sales, Inc. It’s this love of innovation and a forward-thinking approach to business which Damron believes has seen him succeed in life. “To instill this drive into aspiring entrepreneurs and potential business owners is both rewarding and empowering.” Damron goes on to mention.

Scott suggests that while this passion and approach isn’t something which is typically taught in schools, it’s something which experienced mentors such as himself can share with groups like the Young Presidents’ Organization, or YPO, as well as the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Promoting core values including trust, respect, and a thirst for learning, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization was founded in 1987. “Integrity is everything,” says Scott Damron, “both in business and in life generally. Within the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, integrity and a thirst for learning are essentially the basis for their code of conduct.”

The thirst for learning

Damron goes on to add that a thirst for learning “leads to an open mind”. And that an open mind leads to “greater opportunities, both personally and professionally”. Explaining more about YPO, Damron reveals that the 68-year-old organization supports more than 25,000 members in over 130 countries. “Mentors such as myself form a collective of peer leaders, committed to lifelong learning and the exchange of ideas. All the while simultaneously fostering a haven of trust, respect, and confidentiality for our community,” he points out.

Asked to share with others looking to achieve similar levels of success for some words of wisdom. Scott Damron responds, “Remember never to stop learning and always be willing to share so that the cycle can continue.”

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