Scott Damron Reflects on Professional Success as an Entrepreneur

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Scott Damron Reflects on Professional Success as an Entrepreneur

Scott Damron - Professional Success
Scott Damron – Professional Success

An experienced executive and serial entrepreneur with a business background in sales, business development, and marketing strategy from Atlanta, Georgia, longtime Young Presidents’ Organization member Scott Damron has enjoyed a successful and illustrious career to date. With a particular focus on the healthcare and hospital sectors, the Atlanta native has led numerous businesses to triumph through a love of innovation and a forward-thinking approach to his professional endeavors.


Among Scott Damron’s catalog of success stories are ASP Global, a prominent U.S. supplier of medical and surgical goods, so-called patient preference items, and custom products to the hospital and broader healthcare sectors. Established in Atlanta by the entrepreneur, the business expanded to include additional operations in the Pacific Rim before Scott Damron sold his interest in the company to focus on a number of new projects.


“ASP Global was founded to offer control over both product design and cost to those in the healthcare sector. Through our efforts, we were able to assist clients in reaching their savings targets on everything. From scrubs, clinician apparel, thermometers, and stethoscopes, to maternity kits, belongings storage, cups, and cutlery. While simultaneously exceeding patient experience goals,” explains Scott Damron of the highly respected healthcare supply business.


A more recent area of focus for the executive and entrepreneur involves something of a change of direction for Damron. Moving into the distribution of footwear. Taking his forward-thinking style and love of innovation to Colorado-based Victory Sales, Inc. in Greeley, Scott Damron is today working alongside the business on a groundbreaking and fresh approach to the worldwide distribution of branded footwear.


Scott Damron Reflects on a Series of Career Successes and Highlights.

Investing in several side-projects Scott Damron is a serial entrepreneur. He remains a committed member of the Young Presidents’ Organization or YPO. “If I can share my experiences, and in doing so benefit others, I absolutely will. Especially young and aspiring entrepreneurs and executives,” he explains of his ties to the organization. Scott Damron has a passion for education and lifelong learning.


YPO—established as the Young Presidents’ Organization—was founded in Rochester, New York in 1950 by manufacturer Ray Hickok. Today, the organization empowers more than 25,000 young chief executives in over 130 countries. A collective of peer leaders, including Scott Damron and fellow executives and entrepreneurs. The organization is committed to lifelong learning and the exchange of knowledge and ideas.


“I say to people every day that they must remember never to stop learning,” adds Damron, wrapping up.


In conclusion, to find out more about YPO, please visit https://www.ypo.org/.

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