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Scott Damron Explores Entrepreneurship Within Modern Education

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Atlanta senior executive and serial innovator, Scott Damron, explores entrepreneurship and its place within education.


With entrepreneurship widely considered an exclusively self-taught, learned, or mentored belief system and set of skills, successful individuals from the world of business innovation are calling for more focused entrepreneurial studies to be integrated into modern, mainstream education systems.


One such individual, Scott Damron, an experienced executive and serial entrepreneur with a business background in sales, business development, and marketing strategy from Atlanta, Georgia, believes that education and entrepreneurship should be more closely aligned. It’s not, however, necessarily about directly attempting to teach entrepreneurship, he says, but instead about instilling the importance of lifelong learning into students, something which he believes is vital to success as an entrepreneur.


“Many modern education systems, not just in the U.S., but globally,” says Damron, “are heavily focused on exams, tests, and homework, built around long school days, largely unchanged for decades.”


Instead, Damron suggests that schools should further strive to enlighten students. Opening their young minds to new ideas and educating them making positive changes in the world.


“Education,” he continues, “should set the youth of today up for a lifetime of success, not just from an academic standpoint, but in a more rounded sense – with life skills and a positive outlook on their future, whatever path they choose.”


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The Atlanta-based executive has previously spoken out about entrepreneurship within education. “Teaching ideologies that are unknown in schools helps our students broaden their minds. But it’s something which experienced mentors can share. Especially with groups such as the Young Presidents’ Organization and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.”


“Surely, the success of these and similar organizations proves that education surrounding entrepreneurship can be incredibly beneficial. So why not introduce it to mainstream teaching?”


Founded in 1987, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s core values include trust and respect, and a thirst for learning. Something about which Damron is especially passionate. The 68-year-old Young Presidents’ Organization, or YPO, meanwhile, currently empowers more than 25,000 members in over 130 countries. Created to foster a lifelong love of learning.


“We must better promote entrepreneurship within our schools,” adds Damron. In conclusion, “making education more progressive, and less of a burden for those with more entrepreneurial desires and mindsets. Let us stray from traditional academia. We do this by focusing on making the future a better, brighter, and a more prosperous place.”


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