Scott Damron Reveals the Importance of Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Scott Damron Reveals the Importance of Entrepreneurial Spirit


Scott Damron Entrepreneurial Spirit
Scott Damron Entrepreneurial Spirit

Serial entrepreneur Scott Damron reflects on essential traits required to foster entrepreneurial spirit.


As rates of entrepreneurship continue to rise in the U.S. and globally, serial healthcare and hospital sector entrepreneur Scott Damron from Atlanta, Georgia says nothing is more important than entrepreneurial spirit. Here, and reflecting on his own success, Damron explores several key characteristics essential to both fostering and maintaining a strong sense of entrepreneurial spirit in the pursuit of business excellence.


“Optimism is essential,” suggests the Atlanta native. “Very few people become successful while harboring feelings of negativity, with an optimistic approach to business regularly touted as one of the main keys to success as an entrepreneur,” he adds.


Similarly important, according to Scott Damron, is passion. “Optimism and passion are both vital if an entrepreneur is to really push the boundaries of business,” says the experienced executive. “Passion and enthusiasm are contagious and essential to fostering the correct mindset and environment for success as an entrepreneur,” he adds.


Third among his suggestions, Damron advises that while self-belief is incredibly important, it’s also critical that an aspiring entrepreneur continues to push themselves. “A successful entrepreneur is constantly asking himself or herself, ‘Could this be done better in any way?'” explains Damron. “Often,” he adds, “the answer is yes, at least to a degree, and a go-getting entrepreneur with the right amount of entrepreneurial spirit will always find a way to do it.”


“A readiness to take calculated risks,” Damron continues, “is also essential.”


It’s not, he says, about always jumping in feet first, but about never being afraid to take a chance, especially where potential rewards can be realistically anticipated to outweigh any risks. “On which note,” he adds, pointing toward his fifth trait common among those with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, “an unwavering desire to execute is also vital.”


“Act on ideas at the first opportunity and collect feedback at every step,” says Damron, adding that between success and failure, an entrepreneurially spirited individual is never afraid to put a plan into action.


“Optimism, passion, and a non-complacent, boundary-pushing approach to business, in particular, all help to build and maintain a strong entrepreneurial spirit,” points out Damron.


“Backed up by self-confidence and a willingness to execute,” he adds, wrapping up, “I’d say these are perhaps the top five traits which are truly beneficial to those who wish to follow the entrepreneur way of life, and, arguably, are essential to their success.”

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